When you don't want to live the "American Dream"; Create your own dream worth living.

Natural Crush



Photo: Banksy 


So I have been busy and have not posted anything in a while! It seems however, that every time that I am stressed or have a big test or project to work on, I procrastinate by getting creative. So here is a poem that I wrote during that procrastination period. It took me about 22 minutes to write and I did not edit. Nothing new, some imagery, alliterations, obvious hip-hop references because of my love for music. Also this poem was meant to be in free verse with no real rhythm, structure, or rhyme scheme. 




So Lately I have had the struggle of managing multiple lives. Being a full-time student, having two part time jobs, serving as the President of my fraternity, volunteering between 4-8 hours/week, and still trying to manage a love life makes college a stressful time. Nonetheless, I believe that your love life should be separated from all those stresses. Your love life should be your escape from those stresses.

So the inspiration for this poem came from my struggle as a college student to both make money to sustain my well-being(Food, clothes, rent, etc…) and my love life(dates, gifts, random acts of kindness). Because we all have to eat and have shelter but we also want to spend money on pleasurable activities with those that make our lives worthwhile. So this is to any future crush/gf: Just because a guy can’t spend time with you, or provide for you now, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the potential to do so in the future so long as he works hard in present 


Live with an incomplete Conscious. Love in Complete Consciousness.



Natural Crush

I believe I deserve a chance with a catch like you

Especially after all the bullshit that I’ve been through

Finding our foundation, returning to grassroots

loving life, that’s an inconvenient truth


I wanna reminisce in the future of a promise like this

when all we had was a crush and a sierra mist

sharing each other’s chips and a kiwi mystic

Hope what I’m saying’s not a mistake of a misfit


Girl I had nothing but a dollar and a dream

Spent the dollar on you to help my self esteem

A dollar in my pocket is a very strong thing

When cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M


Pressure to fulfill your every dying need

Leaves me like a tree living in January

But I’m an evergreen don’t confuse my breed

everlasting wealth of my life’s greenery


So money ain’t a thing when it’s spent on you

Finger in a ring never meant for two

Find our foundation, returning to grassroots

This crush on you, that’s my convenient truth


Sara Kay: If I should have a daughter

This is one of my favorite poets and she is so young and vibrant but extremely intelligent. The poem is one of my favorites by her but the talk that she has afterwards with the audience is overly inspiring and moving. So if you have the attention span to be inspired, stay and watch. But if you don’t, the poem is fantastic and you should at least stay for the first 3.5 minutes. Hopefully she will inspire you to keep an incomplete conscious.

Btw she is my ultimate crush..but don’t tell her

Play the Part


So usually I like writing about social injustice but I thought I would take a step back and write about something that we can all relate to: That one person that epitomizes what we fantasize about and continues to escape our grasp. Personally I am fascinated by sports, art, movies and theater and that perfect girl will share my interests; some if not all. In this poem callled Play the Part I obviously describe a girls beauty and use a couple of metaphors, juxtapositions, similes, references to art and sports. Hope you guys like it and notice some of the different writing tools I use. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think or any constructive criticisms. All constructive criticism is accepted and will help my journey to achieve complete consciousness.

The above painting is called Walnut of Eden by one of my favorite artists, Vladimir Kush.

Play the Part

A piece of art, you play the part

Front Stage, back stage, sports plays, play art

Shine bright under the limelight

My highlight under the radar


Draw it on dab it on but not too thick, boo

It works for Van Gogh but it doesn’t fit you

Make up makes beauty but beauty don’t hate you

You don’t need that face art, that beauty just ain’t true


Brush strokes to caress your curves

Hand strokes to make you work

Ecstasy for you and I

I feel my pleasure, you feel your worth


You’re an actress, you’re a player

Playing games, but you never get hurt

Girl you’ve got a new role

Together, we’ll direct your future


Balling out baby, professional moves

Red Lipstick baby, Varsity blues

Art, Theatre, sports, baby girl

Girl of my dreams in the real world


Make Love not war

Make Love not war

This is a feature in an Art Museum called the Skirball Museum in Los Angeles.

Saw it and thought you guys would enjoy. No More war. Let’s be healthy physically and mentally.

Be aware. Live in Complete Consciousness.

Don’t sit? But, I can’t hold it.


So this is my first post in a while. It’s been kind of a busy time and a fun break, however something has continued to bother me everywhere I go out to.

Bathroom Hygiene.

Yes, its one of those things you don’t really think about(At least not us, clean people) but I think its a problem that needs to be addressed. Seriously think about the following (Real life situation) scenario:

I am studying in the library and have the sudden urge to empty the tank before my stomach implodes in on itself and the excrement is running down the side of my leg. I rush to stuff my study materials into my backpack and run off to the men’s room. I Throw open the door and rush to the last stall, which should be the cleanest because its the ‘Handicapped’ one. Honestly, how many students do you see around campus that are handicapped?

Like one…..a week. How many can there be right?

Well for some reason the Handicapped stall is somehow always dirty in some way: A piss drip on the seat, a turd in the toilet or toilet paper on the floor or on the seat.

So either there’s a ton of Handicapped persons with real bad hygiene or someone is cheating. I’ll take the latter. I mean really, guys like the space that you get in the ‘Big stall’. I love it. It’s so much more liberating. It feels like you’re in your own room away from the grime that is the public bathroom.


In college I should expect the public bathrooms to be clean since we’re all educated people of society and we are trying to uphold certain values and make this world a better place through our future service.


These things suck; there’s toilet paper everywhere, toilets aren’t flushed, piss on the seat, and graffiti on the wall. Really dude? How hard is it to not make a mess in the 5-15 minutes that you’re in there? We shouldnt blame the custodians, there should be no reason why a person in their late teens and early 20s be that nasty in a public place and not have the common decency to make sure not to make a mess. Idk how you make such a mess in there sometimes.

We are educated. We are civilized. We are Human beings, conscious of our actions.

Let’s be better about this, guys. Lets flush and let’s have complete consciousness in an Unconscious world.

Kindling the Fire

Every story needs a beginning and ending. Unfortunately for me, this is my late blooming as a blogger. People had tried to get me into it a couple of years ago but the idea didn’t really appeal to me until recently I realized that I would converse with people and my thoughts would be lost as soon as our interaction came to a close. That’s when I noticed that the more we write and document, the more we grow and develop.

However, I was never much of a journal-writing type of a person but I love having captivating and thought-provoking conversations with others. So for me, the best outlet would naturally be social media.

The following posts are going to be full of my ever-distant and travelling thought patterns, written poems, random quotes that inspire me, diverse musical tastes, and controversial conversations that occur between my heart, my mind, and my soul. They include a lot of random thoughts and rants and things that I find on the internet.

I have always had a desire for social involvement and for provoking certain thoughts in individuals to change their perception in hopes that they will pass my message to provoke those same thoughts in others and help in their social education.

I write with the aspiration of eventually creating my own American Dream that steers away from the generic “American Dream” and that is full of knowledge and social involvement. I want more than money and a nice house and a nice salary. I want a life worth living. A life that is fulfilling not because of the paychecks filling my wallet but because of the education that I have received; in a formal setting as well as an informal one.

With all that said, I am a college student, a writer, a music enthusiast, a business man, a black male, a hispanic man, a Californian, and an American. But I am not; I am a brief combustion of all of these things.

I can assure you that my blurbs will be much less elaborate than this one. So I hope that you stick around long enough to read my rants about social issues coupled with rambles about my social life.

Live Life, with an incomplete conscious

Live Life, In complete Consciousness